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eBikes: FAQ's

What is the typical range for an eBike?
The range achieved by a fully charged battery is dependent upon various factors including the rider's weight, terrain type and weather conditions. The eBike Range Cockpit is a useful tool for estimating the battery life and range you would expect to achieve under various circumstances and conditions.

Bosch eBike Range Cockpit
Do I still need to pedal?
Yes, you will need to pedal the eBike but once the motor kicks in your pedalling will be assisted.
Isn't riding an eBike cheating?
A lot of people hear the word 'electric' and think that the effort put into cycling an eBike won't translate into a work out or form a part of an active lifestyle. However, with the various assistance levels to play with, rides are often extended, higher climbs tackled and riding an eBike can even mean avoiding using a car for commuting. Some have even argued that an electric bike provides riders with a better workout due to the consistency of the effort level required, meaning less of a sudden strain on the cyclist's heart… The debate is open and we'd love to hear your thoughts!
How fast will an eBike go?
In line with UK legislation, eBikes are capped at 15mph. You can of course pedal the bike faster but the assistance from the motor will drop out after 15mph has been attained.
How heavy are eBikes?
Most electric bikes weigh between 20-30kg.
How do I charge my eBike?
The battery can be connected to a household socket. A typical 400Wh battery will take approximately 3.5 hours to charge when it has been completely run down and around 1.5 hours to top up the battery after usage. We recommend that you top up your battery every time after you have used it, even if you have only made a short journey.
Is there any other legislation I should know about?
Riders must be at least 14 years old in order to ride on a public road.
Do I need a license to ride an electric bike?
No, for all bikes which fall under the specification outlines of EU legislation you do not need a license.
Will the bike recharge while I am pedalling?
No, it will not.
How should I clean my electric bike?
You should clean your eBike just as you would clean a regular bike. However, we recommend that you do not fully submerge your bike and that you do not use a pressure washer to clean it.
What does an electric bike feel like?
We always recommend that you come to one of our demo days or visit us in store to test ride the electric bikes from our extensive range. We also have a range of electric bikes available to hire for those looking to try one out over a day or two.
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